Caroline Smith Mclean

* DSFH    *AfSFH   



As a busy Mum of two beautiful boys (one with additional needs) a few years ago my life came to a bit of a halt when I suffered from a breakdown, without going into too much detail I felt very unwell and experienced many of the symptoms of anxiety and depression but I found hypnotherapy and got myself back to a better place...then I started to recommend it to others, I noticed that most of the people also had positive results, I definitely had a firm belief in it.

I did a lot of research into hypnotherapy and I finally decided to start training at the prestigious Clifton Hypnotherapy Practice to become a qualified solutions focused hypnotherapist.  I am a member of the AfSFH (Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists) and National Council for Hypnotherapy.

I love learning about the brain and how it works, the research behind hypnotherapy is fascinating but without a doubt the best part is working with clients and seeing the positive changes and results which is so rewarding.