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A Mindset to Weightloss

About the course:

The  aim  is  that  you  no  longer  battle  with  will-power.    No  weigh-ins,  no  prescribed  diet.    This  is  not  about  calories!    It  is  about  how  you  can  take  calm  control  of  your  mind  around  food  in  all  situations

Session Dates:  FIRST SESSION 9th May 2018, SECOND SESSION 23rd May, THIRD SESSION 6th June. 

The Cost is £120 covering everything you need and giving you information and an audio download to take away with you.  The course can also be done as 1-1 sessions rather than in a group please contact me for further information.

If you know a small group of people who would be interested on times/dates to suit you this can be organised and as a host you can get up to 50% off the cost of your space! 

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