Working With Children

I absolutely love working with children, having children of my own and having previously worked as a nursery nurse it often allows me to have some fun and let our imaginations run wild! I also very much enjoy working with teenagers and young adults as for many the changes of school and hormones can feel overwhelming but during our sessions they usually soon come out of their shell! 

Some of the common problems parents often bring children to see me are

*  Bedwetting 

*  Sleep problems

*  Confidence


*  Anxiety/low mood

*  Stuttering

*  Dyslexia anxiety

*  Exam nerves

*  School issues 

*  Bullying 


How It Works

My way of working with children is different to how I would work with an adult, often the sessions are more flexible and we have lots of fun.  Children are often quick to understand how we can work together to improve things and by enabling them to feel more in control and empowered they often come up with amazing solutions to the problem.  

We work in a very positive way and use a lot of the child's strengths and imagination to increase confidence and day to day mood.  We talk about the brain in a simple but comprehensive way that the child understands.

Once they begin to understand why they feel how they do and how their brain works they begin to have much more control over it.  Many children prefer this type of therapy as opposed to counselling where they are often asked to revisit whatever makes them, feel anxious/worried or fed up. By focusing on the positives we often find the solution much quicker. 

We still use the wonderful power of trance which is a safe form of relaxation or storytelling for children.  Older children often like to enjoy lying down and relaxing during the trance but some children may do a calm activity such as colouring in while I do the trance part.

What Else

*  You will need to stay on the premises for the length of our sessions

*  Solutions focused hypnotherapy is usually best for children over the age of 6 or 7

*  Sessions - The initial consultation is free and will be with adult and myself only to get as much background info/strengths as possible and to make sure you are happy for     your child to work with me.  I will meet the child at the next session where I will ask them to answer some questions and explain how it works.

*  DBS check - I have a full enhanced DBS check if you wish to see it

*  The amount of sessions needed will vary from child to child, but they generally make positive changes fairly quickly